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[19 Jul 2028|05:04pm]
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[19 Jul 2019|05:15pm]

Tread the Boards is an RPG that looks at the lives, loves, and letdowns of the people of Broadway! Do you want to be the lead in Wicked, or just hand out programs? Everyone is welcome. Here we create the characters that create the characters that make up professional theatre. This game is more character than plot driven, however the mods will occasionally drop a plot point or throw an NYC party, to get everyone interacting with one another.


How it works - All postings are made to the group, not the individual journals. Open blog posts are seen by everyone, unless noted (Private to John Doe), Emails are private to the people involved in them, Please mark threads as either open to all or specific to certain characters.

Threads should be labelled as follows, with an example:

Who: John Doe and Jane Smith (closed)
Where: The deli on the corner
When: Weds. July 19, around 8:30pm
What: John forgot to pick up the roast, Jane drags him along to show how it's done.
Warnings: (Please include warnings for any adult activity or anything that may potentially be triggering) Some swearing by Jane
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[19 Jul 2018|08:30pm]
Please comment below to hold a character's role, show, theatre, and played by.
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[19 Jul 2018|05:31pm]
Game Rules and FAQs

1. Pretty basic. No godmodding, no conflict with other players. Drama is to be kept to the characters, not the writers. If there is conflict, please bring it to a mods attention.

2. This is an open and safe environment, and no discrimination or harassment will be tolerated. This includes all marginalised people, including the LGBTQ, disabled, people of colour, neurodivergent etc. If your character intends to use any identity based slur toward another character, it is expected that you will warn for this and also get the other players okay first.

3. All players must be 18 years or older, with no exceptions. Fair warning, although this is mostly going to be a lighthearted game, we will allow darker characters and themes.

4. This is an original character game only. If you want your character to play Elphaba and your PB to be Idina Menzel, you go right ahead, but you must create a new character. You cannot play real people. If you love Dean Winchester's face (don't we all?) feel free to use it, but don't apply with a thinly veiled Dean. In terms of PBs, please pick someone who looks appropriate eg. Jennifer Lawrence isn't playing Matilda. We are assuming that our Broadway uses colourblind casting, so race is not an issue. Please speak to the mod before applying, if you intend to change the gender of a Broadway character.

5. Please don't 'Mary Sue' your characters. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. We want to see well rounded characters.

6. Your character can be in a show that is playing now, or anything from the past. We will also allow anything from off-Broadway. Shows that are currently running have dibs on their theatre. Fictional theatre names may also be used.

7. "Roles" are on a first come, first served basis. If the application is turned down then the role will be released again.

8. We are not going to formally keep track of activity for now. We all have lives and hope that the game will be a part of that. Frequent posting will allow you to develop relationships for your character and get the most out of the game. Please inform the mods if you plan to be aware from the game for over two weeks.

9. Just contact a mod if you have any issues or questions. We will always try to work things out with you, however the Mod's word is final.
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[19 Jul 2018|04:51pm]

Jackson Forest
Marius - Les Mis
The Bob Fosse Theatre
Player - Nic
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[19 Jul 2018|04:00pm]
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